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Art to discuss land use

A cultural boost of SEK 20,014 is going to the Markanvändning (Land Use) project. Through art, this seeks to throw light on and discuss the growth of mining in northern Sweden. 
“How should we use our raw material assets and our environment? These are things we would like our visitors to ponder over,” says Lena Stenberg, project manager for Markanvändning.

Koncentrat Konstcentrum in Kiruna is behind the project. Five artists and film makers (Oskar Östergren, Lena Stenberg, Eva Nutti, Liselotte Wajstedt and Tomas Colbengtsson) from Kiruna, Jokkmokk, Sorsele and Tärnaby are to depict the growth of mining in northern Sweden.

“We want to take a look at how things have developed, how local populations have reacted and how mining companies have been welcomed. We also want to recreate some of the thoughts and feelings engendered by new exploitation of our land,” reveals Lena.

To gather the public´s thoughts on the issues, Koncentrat Konstcentrum in Kiruna is holding, amongst other things, workshops during the Jokkmokk winter festival in February 2013. These thoughts will be the starting points for the various artworks.

“Through dialogues with various people – young and old, seasoned art lovers and those interested in social issues – we hope to find new approaches to the development of art. For example, a workshop on the subject is being held for children and young people,” states Lena.

Throughout capital of culture year 2014, several places in northern Sweden will host an exhibition presenting the results of the dialogues and discussions. Films, photographs, installations, audio works and texts will all feature. Talks are under way with Norrbotten museum, Västerbotten museum, Jamtli museum and several other bodies.

To test and develop the concept in 2013, Koncentrat Konstcentrum in Kiruna has been allocated a cultural boost.

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