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Depiction of Estonia’s choral tradition

For an installation in Estonia and Umeå, a cultural boost is going to the Alte Schweden group of artists. The installation is based on the tradition and culture of Estonian choirs. “We want to involve local choirs in this work of art,” declares Joakim Hansson, one of the people behind the project.

The project, The singing revolution and then what? is run by a group of artists comprising Joakim Hansson, Sebastian Mügge and Eskil Liepa. All three were trained at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and employ widely differing techniques and forms of expression.

“The idea for the project surfaced when a Galleri Verkligheten project, Survival kit / Timeline Hotel, brought us together in Latvia. Here, we met a person who was involved in the Kultuuritehas Polymer residency in Tallinn. We submitted an application and were then given the chance to assist there,” relates Joakim.

Joakim explains the project´s background as follows: “It´s not so long ago that Estonia gained independence from the Soviet Union. Compared with other countries, Estonia had a rather peaceful revolution in which choral singing was a powerful, unifying, identity factor for the Estonian people. They used choral singing as a sort of peaceful protest.”

In the project, the artists want to explore (through collaborations with local choirs, artists and musicians) not only the role of choral singing in Estonia´s liberation from the former Soviet Union, but also what such singing means today. An installation will then be constructed to depict the results.

The project is being carried out in three parts. First, via the Kultuuritehas Polymer residency from 1 – 30 April 2013 in Tallinn, the work will be created. It will then be shown in Tallinn. After that, it is to be exhibited in Umeå. Preliminarily, the Umeå exhibition is scheduled for May or June 2013 in Glashuset (the Glass House).

The project is being awarded a cultural boost of SEK 19,998 (the full requested sum).

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