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Publicerat 3 april, 2013

Art project combines art and nature

The art project Förflyttningar (”movements”) has been awarded a Cultural Boost for exhibiting art in an outdoor botanical environment, located at Arboretum Norr just outside Umeå.

“We want to explore the meeting of art and nature,” says Rebecka Adelhult Feklistoff, one of the originators of the project.

The project is headed by the sculptor Carina Olsson and the visual artists Rebecka Adelhult Feklistoff and Ulla Thøgersen.

“For a long time, we have wanted to work on a art project in an outdoor environment. With Arboretum Norr as the center of the project, the movements-theme was a natural choice. An arboretum is in itself the epitome of movement, perhaps epitome of displacement,” says Rebecka Adelhult Feklistoff.

Arboretum Norr in Baggböle, just outside Umeå, is home to roughly 1400 exotic woody plants.

“We hope that the visitors will experience that art emphasises new aspects of the arboretum and vice versa,” says Carina Olsson.

The art project will consist of four larger installations with movements as a theme. The trees and the surroundings in the botanical garden will in different ways be part of the whole piece.

“Through this project, art will be given yet another place in the public room. The art will be available to everyone, around the clock if you wish to,” says Ulla Thøgersen.

The art project in Arboretum Norr will take place at 6 June to 30 September 2014.

The Förflyttningar project has been awarded a Cultural Boost of SEK 20.014 from Umeå2014.

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