Publicerat 30 maj, 2013

Film: My People – the Sami people

Together with the Umeå-based network Kreator and writer Åsa Simma, Umeå2014 has produced a short film to spark curiosity about the Sami culture.

My People – the Sami people is a short presentation film targeting all of Europe that will generate curiosity about the Sami culture. Linus Andersson / Lampray directs and has also written the script together with Åsa Simma.

Åsa Simma works as a dramaturg and script developer at the Sami Film Center in Kautokeino, Norway and is also part of the Sami Artistic Council for Umeå2014.

“I wanted to bring forward the thoughts from my culture that is life-giving. The eternal that strengthens and that helps me through the chaotic present towards the unpredictable future,” says Åsa Simma.

The film will primarily be used on the Umeå2014 website as a framing story about the eight Sami seasons that forms the Capital of Culture program. The film will also be used before and during the European tour Caught by [Umeå] which will be conducted during September and October 2013.

Elisabeth Lind, Head of Communications at Umeå2014 sees the film as an important tool for spreading knowledge about the Sami culture.

“We know that lots of people in Europe are curious about the Sami culture and want to know more about it. With this film, Åsa Simma shares her story about the Sami culture, says Elisabeth Lind, Communications Umeå2014.

You can find the short film My people – the Sami people below:

Screenplay: Åsa Simma and Linus Andersson
Director: Linus Andersson
Project manager: Hanna Westerlind
Production management: Lampray Amanda Birch, Linus Andersson
Produced by Kreator in cooperation with Lampray
Music: Transjoik: ”Zun Gu” (Fjellheim / Johansen), Vuelie 2004.

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