Publicerat 14 maj, 2013

Folk and World Music Gala reaches Umeå

In 2014 the Folk and World Music Gala will for the first time be held in northern Sweden. The Umeå municipal capital of culture committee has granted the gala SEK 650,000.

The Folk and World Music Gala will be held in Umeå on 21 February 2014 as part of the established local folk music festival Umefolk on 20-22 February. The gala wants to shine light on that specific musical genre and contribute to increased innovation and quality within that field.

In 2014, the goal is develop the gala into an international venue. It will also focus specifically on the Sami culture, as well as the Finnish culture originating from the Torne Valley in the northernmost part of Sweden. The strong Västerbotten storytelling tradition and connection to folk music are also important.

Another idea is to develop the various networks of performing children, adolescents and young adults in the folk music area in the Nordic countries and Europe, something that both Umefolk and Umeå School of Music are involved in.

The total budget for this event is SEK 2,250,000. Statens Musikverk and the Swedish National Arts Council (Kulturrådet) has granted SEK 450,000 each and Norrlandsoperan is contributing with SEK 150 000. The remaining funds will come from other co-sponsors and ticket sales.

“This festival has a strong European and international dimension. By also exposing the Sami and the Torne Valley Finnish culture this makes it a very interesting feature of the capital of culture year,” says Marie-Louise Rönnmark, chairwoman of the municipal capital of culture committee.

Umefolk 2014 with the Folk and World Music Gala in the event calender

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