Publicerat 23 oktober, 2013

Art inspiration from El Salvador

SV (”Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan”) receives a Cultural Boost from Umeå2014 to invite the artist Miguel Angel Ramirez from Panchimalco, El Salvador, and arrange workshops in painting for children and young adults in Umeå.

Miguel Angel Ramirez (picture) will provide workshops in art and present the artistic activities he has for children and adolescents in Panchimalco. On a voluntary basis, he offers art education for young people, particularly from low-income families. Miguel Angel Ramirez represents ethnic group lencas, which is part of the Mayans. For two weeks in May 2014, the workshops will be held at schools and study associations in Umeå.

– We hope that participants will be inspired to both their own artistic creation and increased interest in international relations and commitment to sustainable community development through the arts, says Oscar Mejia, SV.

The project is a collaboration between SV, ABF and Panchimalco in El Salvador. The target audience is children, young adults, educators and cultural workers in Umeå. The contribution from Umeå2014 is SEK 20,014.

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