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8 short films about Sami seasons

For the last two years, filmmaker Oskar Östergren has been producing eight short films – one for each Sami season. The films show the annual changes in nature as well as portraiting eight Sami creators. Now the films are ready.

The film project 8 årstider – 8 filmer (“8 seasons, 8 films”) has been underway since February 2012, when the cultural organization Hijven in Tärnaby started their project through a financial boost from Umeå2014. The purpose of the short films was to spread information about Sami culture through different art expressions reflected through the eight Sami seasons.

In total four women and four men are portrayed in the seasonal films each and every one an innovator in their specific art form. Nature also plays an important part in the films as a source of inspiration. The idea has always been to use the films as a kind of bridge to Europe, where the interest of the northern indigenous people is huge.

Time to let go
The first film is all done and has already been screened at a trade show in Paris. Only small touches remain before the rest of the films are done. Project manager is filmmaker Oskar Östergren who works on Bautafilm AB and has met international success with the short film Undress me. The fact that the two-year long journey is about to end is nothing he is sad about – almost the contrary.

“It actually feels good because the editing has been a lot more time consuming than I planned for. But at the same time it has been a fantastic and very fun project to work with as I literally live by the foot of the mountain outside Tärnaby and I’m almost always out in nature. I’ve ‘only’ brought my camera with me when the weather has been interesting. As I have collected a lot of material it is difficult to let so much go when editing!”

What has been the biggest challenge during the project?

“Timing recordings of the participants to fin into the season that they are to represent. Making films only 5 minutes long is also a difficult process; you always want to tell more. But that format still works best for this specific project as the films primarily are to be viewed online”, says Oskar Östergren

And what has been the most fun?

“To converse with the artists and then listen to them again when I have finished the editing process.

What is on your agenda now?

“As I work at Bautafilm, we have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, both documentary and feature films. I do more work as a producer now and have the privilege to work with filmmakers like Linda Västrik, Håkan Berthas and Amanda Kernell in their upcoming productions!”

All seasonal films will be published at but they will also appear in various appropriate contexts, such as during each of the seasonal inaugurations throughout the Capital of Culture year.

Image: Oskar Östergren on Väretsfjället an early spring day in 2013. Photo: Nina Andersson

See the first seasonal film, Daelvie – Winter, below.

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