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Würzburg Visit Brings Art and Music

In June 2014, more than a hundred people from Würzburg, Germany visit Umeå. It’s a sister city exchange that offers lots of art and music by the artists and performers from the two participating cities.

“For 22 years, Würzburg has been a sister city to Umeå. The two cities have had extensive exchanges over the years and we are glad that the time has arrived once again, especially so Würzburg can be involved during the European Capital of Culture year 2014,” says Marie-Louise Rönnmark, Mayor of Umeå.

Besides an official visit from Wurzburg, artists, musicians and choirs from the cities will perform together in Umeå in three different contexts:

Art Umeå-Würzburg on June 12 is an exchange between artists from Umeå and Wurzburg, offering improvisational theater, live acts, DJs, graffiti and fun atmosphere. Admission is free.

The German artist collective Subkutan consists of five women, each with a different artistic expression. During the summer their exhibition With Side Effects is on display at Lilla Galleriet, Umeå.

The choir Voices from Würzburg collaborates with Umeå Rock- and pop choir during two concerts on 19 and 21 June. The program offers gospel, rock and pop music. Admission is free.

Umeå goes to Würzburg this fall
The Würzburg visit is a collaboration between the Municipality of Umeå, Umeå2014, Lilla Galleriet, Umeå Rock and popkör, Random Bastards, Shadow Theatre, Sebastian Mügge and others, as well as counterparts in Würzburg.

“As the next step in this collaboration, a number of artists and performers from Umeå will visit Würzburg in the fall,” says Cathrin Alenskär, Head of International Relations at Umeå Municipality.

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