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The body as a tool and the imagination as a playground

Newly started Teater Utkik receives a Cultural Boost from Umeå2014 as co-financing for their kids show Help, the box is empty! which will premiere in January 2015 and then go on tour in Västerbotten.

Teater Utkik consists of Tora Larsson and Love Törngren, who in 2014 moved to Umeå from Gothenburg. The idea of Teater Utkik is to make innovative theatre for children with a focus on accessibility.

”We want the children’s theatre to be more accessible, both practically and in terms of content,” says Tora Larsson. ”We always start with a norm critical perspective when we create and we want to broaden the children’s cultural experience through new forms of art.”

Their first project is called Help, the box is empty! and is a play for preschool children. The play is particularly aimed at children with a mother tongue other than Swedish, children without speech and children with impaired hearing. We put great force into making a play where body language, expressions and gestures makes the story clear. We will not use any specific spoken language to ensure that all children be able to understand what happens in the play,” says Tora Larsson.

In Help, the box is empty! we will get to know a strange figure in the search for a secret that got away. On the way we’ll also get to meet a variety of characters and together they will help each other in order to find the secret.

The work of finalizing the script, rehearsing and producing the play is now underway and the premiere will take place in January 2015 and after that they will go on tour Västerbotten. In addition to the Cultural Boost of SEK 20,014 from Umeå2014, the project is also supported by Riksteatern Västerbotten.


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