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The circle closes with Waves

Waves of motion poetry and soulful pop in a symphonic garb. Waves by the French choreographer pair Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux, with original music by Peter von Poehl, is one of the European Capital of Culture year’s most ambitious dance productions. World premiere at NorrlandsOperan in Umeå November 21.

Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux from Caen in France have worked together since 1988. At NorrlandsOperan they have previously shown Manta och Masculines – two dance works both dealing with politically charged topics.

Waves, which was commissioned for NorrlandsOperan and the European Capital of Culture year, will be different, according to Héla Fattoumi.

”To create something with a symphony orchestra – it’s almost too good to be true”, she says. ”We immediately felt that this is an opportunity for us to find a new direction in our artistry. We ended up with a more poetic approach, actually quite similar to the one we started with as choreographers in the eighties. In a way, we close the circle with Waves.”

It is a large-scale works that are emerging in Caen. The creative process has been going on for over a year. The last two weeks before the premiere everything will be fine-tuned in Umeå.

Strong crescendos
On the stage we will encounter several strong crescendos, from minimalist beauty to energetic outbursts induced by eight dancers and the songwriter and artist Peter Von Poehl. He will be playing guitar and singing on stage, with the whole NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra in the orchestra pit.

”We had heard Peter’s film music that we loved and thought it would be interesting to work with a Swedish composer in this project. We were very surprised when he in the initial phone call suggested a meeting in Paris. We had no idea that he lives there and speaks fluent French!” Héla Fattoumi says.

World premiere November 21
Waves has its world premiere on November 21 at NorrlandsOperan and also appears on the following day, November 22. The performance with the newly composed music is included in NorrlandsOperan series of season concerts in the official program for Umeå2014. The show will also be touring in France. The French premiere takes place during the Festival Les Boréales at La Comédie – on the Normandie National Dramatic Center in Caen.

Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux met during their sports studies at René Descartes University in Paris in 1988 and formed their own dance company, Urvan Letroiga. Since then they have continued to create successful dance works together. Today they are artistic directors of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen / Basse-Normandie, France.

Peter von Poehl is a songwriter and performer with great success in France, both with his own records and the films he has written music for. Right now he is currently working with Waves, the launch of his album Big Issues Printed Small (with orchestration by Martin Hederos) in Sweden and the soundtrack to Alain Choquart’s film Lady Grey that will be shown in cinemas next year. A fun fact is that he is the son in law of the Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Patrick Modiano.

The production is a collaboration between the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen/Basse-Normandie (CCNC / BN) and NorrlandsOperan. It has received support from Umeå2014.

Photo: Laurent Philippe

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