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Multimedia Tribute to Water

The final exhibition to be held in NorrlandsOperan’s Vita Kuben exhibition space this autumn, One Water – Many Rivers , is a cinematographic tribute to water by artists Björnola Lind and Torkel Lundberg. The exhibition will open in the temporarily water-themed Vita Kuben at NorrlandsOperan on Friday 7 November at 4 PM.

One Water – Many Rivers is based on two rivers, the Narmada in India and Ångermanälven in Sweden. Among the indigenous peoples of these two countries, the Sámi and the Gond, the rivers are known as Maa Reva and Jeannoä, which can be translated as the Mother River, the Great River, or the Virgin River.

“Both of these watercourses are the most heavily dammed in their respective countries. Both the Narmada and Ångermanälven rivers are also connected with the same multinational chemicals company, whose chemicals are responsible for high dioxin levels in the Gulf of Bothnia,” says Björnola Lind.
One Water – Many Rivers is our story about the good forces on Earth that work to honour water, but also about the threats to our planet – threats that affect our access to this vital source,” Torkel Lundberg adds.

The exhibition consists of six films, ten minutes each in length, to be screened inside Vita Kuben. A 25-minute long film will also be shown on a screen outside the venue. The exhibition will remain open until 6 December.

Björnola Lind was born in Ånäset, Västerbotten County. He works with film, sound and performance and runs a performance stage in Västernorrland County that is inside what was once an oil storage tank. Over the years Lind has worked with various indigenous peoples and has even been adopted by aboriginal Australians.

Torkel Lundberg is a filmmaker and also inventories game animals in the wild. He has helped produce around 20 films for Swedish broadcaster SVT and Finnish broadcaster Yle. The films are about balance and the relationship between animals, nature and culture. Lundberg has worked with native people in Brazil and Peru, both as a filmmaker/journalist and in support of their struggle for land rights.

Together, the duo has also produced the films Röda älgar (Red Elk) and Den helige i päls (The Sacred Bear), two works in a triptych of films based on Sámi creation myths and made for SVT. The third film in the series, Renarnas rådare (The Reindeer’s Counsellor), is still in its initial stages.

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