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She photographs people who will not be silenced

The award-winning Russian photographer Victoria Ivleva comes to the Human Rights Forum in Umeå, where she will be talking with a member of the artist collective Pussy Riot.

Russian Victoria Ivleva is a multi-award winning photojournalist and activist. She has been invited by the association Ordfront to attend the Human Rights Forum in Umeå 13-15 November. The theme of the forum is rights.

Victoria Ivleva is the only photojournalist to have been inside the reactor hall after the Chernobyl disaster, for which she received the World Press Photo award. Her fearless reporting can be seen in media worldwide. She was the first photographer to document Russian women “improvement camps” with orphanages inside the walls.

Ivleva has travelled to most of the world’s war-torn regions and last spring she documented everyday life in Ukraine with the support of a petition on Facebook. She is deeply involved in issues relating to human rights and civil resistance.

Victoria Ivleva is participating in two events during Human Rights Forum in Umeå:

How to work as a journalist in Russia (and not be lost along the way). About surviving in a country where freedom of speech and freedom of the press are threatened. Friday 14 November, 4-5 PM.

Democracy and Freedom of Speech in Russia. In the shadow of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, democratic civil society is being dismantled and free speech is threatened. Meet people who will not be silenced. Saturday, 15 November 10:00-11:30 AM: Participants: Lucine Dzhanian, Russian artist and member of the art collective Pussy Riot; Aleksei Knedlyakovskij, Russian artist; Victoria Ivleva, Russian photographer and journalist; and Anna Wigenmark from the association Ordfront. Moderator: Stig Fredriksson, journalist and expert on Russia.

More information: http://www.mrdagarna.nu

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