Publicerat 11 december, 2014

Silent film concert closes UEFF

The closing act of the 2014 Umeå European Film Festival is a silent film concert. Two films from 1927 or 1928 will be accompanied by Marcus Holmberg together with a wind ensemble and a small choir.

Marcus Holmberg is perhaps best known as the bassist of the influential indie pop band Komeda, but has also played in bands like The Most and Woodlands. He has also written music for several plays and during the 1990’s, he composed and played music for a series of silent film classics as one of the members of Projektor 7.

La coquille et le clergyman (”The Seashell and the Clergyman”) from 1927 is about a priest, sworn to a life of celibacy, who falls in love with a woman and suffer all the pains of hell. The British censors thought Germaine Dulac’s attempts to direct ”a dream on the big screen” was incomprehensible and completely banned the film. But it also inspired Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí to make An Andalusian Dog, and today the film is considered a masterpiece. Before the screening of La coquille et le clergyman, Hans Richter’s Dadaist short film Vormittagsspuk (”Ghosts Before Breakfast”) from 1928 will be shown.

The silent film concert takes place in Väven on Saturday 13 december at 21:00.

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