Publicerat 5 juni, 2015

Thanks to all our co-creators!

We have proven ourselves bold, wild and professional – an outdoor opera in August, performances on the frozen river and mind-blowing projections on the façade of the old Town Hall. We had not expected so much attention from the outside world, where Umeå is now being showcased in film, on radio, in daily press and in elegant magazines around the globe.

We have flexed our muscles, had new experiences, developed new contacts, made many new friends and discovered new opportunities.

We are on the ‘right side of OK’ and we have an exciting, promising future ahead. Our lives have been enriched by the spaces and opportunities we have created over our eight seasons.

Our hope and belief is that 2014 has truly established Umeå as one of Europe’s cultural capitals. We are a proud, forward-facing city in a multifaceted Europe, built on co-creation, curiosity and passion!

Marie-Louise Rönnmark
Mayor of Umeå

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