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Publicerat 25 februari, 2015

Umeå’s Capital of Culture year on film

The short film Co-Creating the Capital of Culture are filled with events from Umeå’s Capital of Culture year. Now you can watch the film here. During […]


Publicerat 16 januari, 2015

Experience the Northern Light show again

European Capital of Culture Umeå2014’s last big show Northern Light took place in Umeå on the 13th of December, 2014. Now you can experience the […]


Publicerat 19 december, 2014

Thank you!

The European Capital of Culture year is about to end but the cultural city Umeå remains and continues to develop. Thank you all creators and […]


Publicerat 25 november, 2014

Being the One Telling the Story

In the documentary photography project Us and Them, eight Umeå photographers have invited others to participate in the creation process to shake up ingrained notions […]


Publicerat 20 november, 2014

Local Children Explore and Exhibit Their Surroundings Using Photography

Through workshops, a visit to an exhibition and practical work, three classes of Umeå kindergartners have been given the chance to explore their local surroundings […]


Publicerat 7 november, 2014

Which of Umeå’s creators are your favorites?

Nominations can now be submitted for the 2014 Umeå Creator Prize (Umeå skaparpris), which recognises the talents of local creative people. The prize will be […]


Publicerat 31 oktober, 2014

Cultural Boost for Sami art

The exhibition Sami prism with four Sami artists gets a Cultural Boost from Umeå 2014. The four Sami artists have fundamentally different ways of expression […]


Publicerat 27 oktober, 2014

Children light up the early winter

Umeå’s children have been invited to the inauguration of Tjakttjadálvvie (early winter), the last of season of Umeå’s European Capital of Culture year. The kids […]


Publicerat 21 oktober, 2014

Premiere of the Vasaplan film

In 2014, the Blume Film and Nyréns Arkitektkontor shot a film about the public transportation hub Vasaplan with Umeå’s citizens. The film is now finished […]


Publicerat 20 oktober, 2014

A Brazilian view of the nature

The Brazilian design duo Fernando and Humberto Campana are known for their colourful, wilful, and experimental furniture influenced by traditional handicrafts. Inspired by the nature, […]

Designhögskolan vid Umeå Universitet

Publicerat 3 oktober, 2014

That important first impression

Making a good first impression is important, and judging from the two students Martijn van den Broeck and Trieuvy Luu, Umeå made a great one […]


Publicerat 1 oktober, 2014

The meaning of homeland

Starting 10 October, the result of an extensive collaboration is presented in the group exhibition Homeland at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa, Finland. […]


Publicerat 23 september, 2014

Archaic research of the Sami

On Saturday 27 September, a new photographic exhibition produced by Nordiska Museet opens in the art gallery at Gamla folkhögskolan in Lycksele. The exhibition shows […]


Publicerat 18 september, 2014

Film trilogy at arts festival Survival Kit

Three films made by the artist Magdalena Dziurlikowska about the relationship with her mother can be seen in Vita kuben at Norrlandsoperan as of 20 […]


Publicerat 16 september, 2014

Worth a look: Umeå in German TV

The German tv-channel WDR has produced an episode about Umeå as European Capital of Culture. During 43 minutes, the show West Art Magazin Extra with […]


Publicerat 12 september, 2014

Largest fashion week in Northern Sweden

Umeå Fashion Week has quickly established itself in young Umeå as an annual highlight. Here, in the European Capital of Culture 2014, fashion really thrives. […]


Publicerat 10 september, 2014

A conversation on the conditions of artistic practice in China

On Saturday September 13, Bildmuseet is organizing a conference in connection with its acclaimed exhibition Right is Wrong. Chinese artists and other players in the […]


Publicerat 9 september, 2014

UID ranked as best design school – again

For the third year in a row, Umeå Institute of Design ranks as the best design school in Europe, North and South America by the […]


Publicerat 27 augusti, 2014

Starting the fall with a grand opening

During Tjakttjagiessie – the season of harvesting – it’s time to take on all that has been growing during the summer. Early autumn offers goodies […]


Publicerat 20 augusti, 2014

Crossing Borders at Umeå Airport

The portrait exhibition Crossing Borders at Umeå Airport, opening on 29 August,  consists of 14 portrait photographs of famous Swedes who have attracted international attention. […]


Publicerat 9 juli, 2014

Say hello to Giessie – summer!

On 11 and 12 July, we are welcoming true summer! The Giessie season will be opened with music, dance and exhibitions. The inaugurations will take […]


Publicerat 8 juli, 2014

Textiles on tour

The exhibition tour We and you who wonder why is all about textile art. Now the tour visits the European Capital of Culture Umeå, where […]


Publicerat 1 juli, 2014

Voices of Umeå to Berlin

Singing instruments! – five interactive musical instruments created by Anders Lind – are being exhibited in Berlin this summer. The instruments are part of Anders […]


Publicerat 18 juni, 2014

Summer highlights

International choral singing, improvised outdoor theatre and a grassroots funded music festival. The Sami seasons early summer and summer in the European Capital of Culture […]


Publicerat 13 juni, 2014

New Art Park Opens in Örnsköldsvik

A brand new art park is about to open in Örnsköldsvik, where high quality art meets nature in perfect harmony. The High Coast Art Valley […]


Publicerat 11 juni, 2014

Würzburg Visit Brings Art and Music

In June 2014, more than a hundred people from Würzburg, Germany visit Umeå. It’s a sister city exchange that offers lots of art and music by […]

N1_04586 webb_l

Publicerat 5 juni, 2014

In the Forest – by the Forest

A new permanent exhibition called Samer i skog (Sami in the forest) opens on June 15, 2014 at the Forestry Museum in Lycksele. It deals […]


Publicerat 21 maj, 2014

Matisse on Display in Härnösand

Two new art exhibitions will attract lots of visitors to Härnösand this summer. Among other things in the famous Qvist collection, you will be able […]


Publicerat 20 maj, 2014

Handicraft and modern dance

This summer, the modern handicraft exhibition Next Level Craft will fill Västerbotten Museum with objects, sounds and moving images. The exhibition space takes visitors on a […]


Publicerat 20 maj, 2014

Latvia’s Countryside Visits Umeå

A new photography exhibition opens at Sune Jonsson Center for Documentary Photography in Umeå. As part of the exchange between the two European Capitals of […]


Publicerat 14 maj, 2014

Sending love from Würzburg to Umeå

LP10, a group of young architects in Umeå’s German sister city Würzburg, has initiated a project which is called To Umeå with Love and is […]


Publicerat 5 maj, 2014

“Cultural Capital” themed graduation exhibition

On Saturday, this year’s graduation exhibition by master students at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts was opened at Bildmuseet. Thanks to Umeå2014, the exhibition will […]


Publicerat 4 april, 2014

Siena meets Umeå

Sound and images from Italy meets Umeå when the Capital of Culture candidate Siena pays a visit to the Glass House. Representatives from the Capital […]


Publicerat 2 april, 2014

Photographs from the first ten years

Culture on Campus celebrates ten years of activities with a photo book. Elin Berge has documented the unique initiative that provides culture to students and […]


Publicerat 28 mars, 2014

Art, exchanges and an anti-bullying festival

An inter-city exhibition, a floating art-pavilion, a video installation and an anti-bullying festival. These are the latest projects receiving financial support through cultural boosts from […]


Publicerat 27 mars, 2014

Young Umeå artists in Berlin

In May, the exhibition Cultural Capital at Bildmuseet will present works by this year’s Master programme graduates from the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. Thanks […]