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Publicerat 25 februari, 2015

Umeå’s Capital of Culture year on film

The short film Co-Creating the Capital of Culture are filled with events from Umeå’s Capital of Culture year. Now you can watch the film here. During […]


Publicerat 16 januari, 2015

Experience the Northern Light show again

European Capital of Culture Umeå2014’s last big show Northern Light took place in Umeå on the 13th of December, 2014. Now you can experience the […]


Publicerat 19 december, 2014

Thank you!

The European Capital of Culture year is about to end but the cultural city Umeå remains and continues to develop. Thank you all creators and […]


Publicerat 11 december, 2014

Silent film concert closes UEFF

The closing act of the 2014 Umeå European Film Festival is a silent film concert. Two films from 1927 or 1928 will be accompanied by […]


Publicerat 1 december, 2014

Film in many ways

The Umeå European Film Festival starts Friday 5 December. During nine days there will be feature films, short films, documentaries, family films, a horror night, […]


Publicerat 7 november, 2014

Multimedia Tribute to Water

The final exhibition to be held in NorrlandsOperan’s Vita Kuben exhibition space this autumn, One Water – Many Rivers , is a cinematographic tribute to […]


Publicerat 7 november, 2014

Which of Umeå’s creators are your favorites?

Nominations can now be submitted for the 2014 Umeå Creator Prize (Umeå skaparpris), which recognises the talents of local creative people. The prize will be […]


Publicerat 5 november, 2014

Dress rehearsal for the new city library

During the week of 12-18 November, Umeå’s new city library will open for a test run to ensure everything is ready, in preparation for the […]


Publicerat 18 september, 2014

Film trilogy at arts festival Survival Kit

Three films made by the artist Magdalena Dziurlikowska about the relationship with her mother can be seen in Vita kuben at Norrlandsoperan as of 20 […]


Publicerat 16 september, 2014

Worth a look: Umeå in German TV

The German tv-channel WDR has produced an episode about Umeå as European Capital of Culture. During 43 minutes, the show West Art Magazin Extra with […]


Publicerat 28 augusti, 2014

Littfest Prepares for the Future

The European Capital of Culture year in Umeå is almost over for Littfest, but the literature festival just won’t stop. The organization sees 2015 and 2016 […]


Publicerat 27 augusti, 2014

MOVE Film Festival becomes UEFF

MOVE Film Festival has a new European profile and changes its name to UEFF, Umeå European Film Festival. ”There will be nine days full of […]


Publicerat 7 augusti, 2014

City Library relocates to Väven

On August 4, the Umeå City Library was closed to begin it’s relocation to Umeå’s new cultural center, Väven. The relocation has been organized so it still […]


Publicerat 18 juni, 2014

Summer highlights

International choral singing, improvised outdoor theatre and a grassroots funded music festival. The Sami seasons early summer and summer in the European Capital of Culture […]


Publicerat 22 maj, 2014

International Performing Arts at Festival Normal

On 3-5 June 2014, Umeå’s residents and visiting guests are invited to a very different performing arts festival. For the third time, Festival Normal – […]


Publicerat 20 maj, 2014

Latvia’s Countryside Visits Umeå

A new photography exhibition opens at Sune Jonsson Center for Documentary Photography in Umeå. As part of the exchange between the two European Capitals of […]


Publicerat 24 mars, 2014

Spreading Culture via Video Portal

During the Capital of Culture year, several large events and performances will be filmed and made available on the Umeå2014 website for everyone to see. […]


Publicerat 24 mars, 2014

Local Ghost Stories

In April 2013, Elin Boman and Marcus Österström received a ”Cultural Boost” from Umeå2014 for their project on collecting ghost stories from Umeå and the […]


Publicerat 11 mars, 2014

New Museum to Focus on Women

In November, Kvinnohistoriskt museum (Museum of Women’s History) will open at the new Umeå culture center called Väven. The new museum will be a place […]


Publicerat 14 februari, 2014

8 short films about Sami seasons

For the last two years, filmmaker Oskar Östergren has been producing eight short films – one for each Sami season. The films show the annual […]

Lyza Sahertian

Publicerat 1 februari, 2014

Poem about the significance of the Capital of Culture year

At 9.50 pm on Saturday 1 February, Umeå2014 ambassador, artist and photographer Lyza Sahertian from Paris will read a poem about Umeå’s rebirth as part […]


Publicerat 14 januari, 2014

European elements at MOVE 2014

In November the MOVE Film Festival will be held for the fourth time. The Umeå municipality Capital of Culture Committee has set aside SEK 650 […]


Publicerat 3 januari, 2014

One archived treasure every day 2014

To shine light on the European Capital of Culture in Umeå, The National Archives has created the website Umeå Anno 2014 – Arkivkalendern (”the Archive […]


Publicerat 23 december, 2013

Dream about Umeå

Children and young people will be involved in the opening of the Capital of Culture year in Umeå through the campaign Dream about Umeå. Children […]


Publicerat 17 december, 2013

Nawal El Saadawi to Littfest 2014

In 2014 Littfest will secure its position as Sweden’s largest literature festival by inviting authors from more than 20 countries. Among others, you will meet […]


Publicerat 10 december, 2013

Three days of celebration when Umeå2014 is inaugurated

During the weekend 31 January to 2 February 2014, it’s time to inaugurate the Capital of Culture year in Umeå. The festivities continue throughout the […]

stieg larsson

Publicerat 20 november, 2013

Stieg Larsson memorial to be built in Umeå

The late world-renowned author and journalist Stieg Larsson will get a central memorial place in Umeå, outside the east entrance of the new cultural center […]


Publicerat 12 november, 2013

More culture projects receives funding

Umeå2014 co-finance a number of projects with activities during the Capital of Culture year; a mocking theatre, art in four Umeå churches, a story-telling project […]


Publicerat 17 oktober, 2013

Funding for several Capital of Culture projects

Umeå2014 provides financial support to several projects that will broaden the Capital of Culture year programme, such as local activities, an art project and a […]


Publicerat 30 september, 2013

”Raw but easy to digest”

Spoken word is poetry that is meant to be read out loud to an audience. ”I couldn’t stop writing, once the pen met the paper […]


Publicerat 23 september, 2013

Let’s go! On 31 January – 2 February the adventure begins!

As winter, Dálvvie, the first of eight Sami seasons begins, this also marks the start of the Capital of Culture year 2014 in Umeå, Sweden. […]

Foto: Andreas Nilsson

Publicerat 17 september, 2013

Great interest for Umeå in Warsaw

The European tour Caught by Umeå stopped by Warsaw, Poland, where the interest in Umeå and Northern Sweden was great. In total, 3449 people visited […]


Publicerat 12 september, 2013

Indigenous theme at MOVE

One of the working themes at this year’s MOVE film festival is indigenous people. An important feature at MOVE, being held in Umeå between 8-13 […]


Publicerat 11 september, 2013

Umeå2014 visits Milan Film Festival

During the film festival in Milan on 13 September 2013, Umeå2014 will be presented as a European Capital of Culture. Europe will also be introduced […]


Publicerat 9 september, 2013

Artists Caught by [Umeå] Competition Finalists

The first finalists in the Artists Caught by [Umeå] competition have now been chosen. In conjunction with the Copenhagen stop of the Umeå2014 promotional tour, […]


Publicerat 21 augusti, 2013

Umeå2014 hits the road

Umeå2014 has just over five months left until the opening ceremony which is 31 January 2014, but goes on tour in Europe in just a […]