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Publicerat 28 september, 2015

The resulting effects of Umeå2014

Umeå can now enjoy a variety of positive effects as the result of Umeå2014. These effects include a broader range of cultural activities with new […]


Publicerat 25 februari, 2015

Umeå’s Capital of Culture year on film

The short film Co-Creating the Capital of Culture are filled with events from Umeå’s Capital of Culture year. Now you can watch the film here. During […]


Publicerat 16 januari, 2015

Experience the Northern Light show again

European Capital of Culture Umeå2014’s last big show Northern Light took place in Umeå on the 13th of December, 2014. Now you can experience the […]


Publicerat 19 december, 2014

Thank you!

The European Capital of Culture year is about to end but the cultural city Umeå remains and continues to develop. Thank you all creators and […]


Publicerat 21 oktober, 2014

Schoolchildren showcase glass art

Fifth graders at Vegaskolan in Vännäs and glass artist Camilla Caster has during the autumn worked together with the theme Glasåljud. The results are displayed […]


Publicerat 10 oktober, 2014

”Umeå full of desire!”

The European Capital of Culture season opening Tjakttja – the season of desire, marked the true beginning of autumn in Umeå. The event took place […]


Publicerat 23 september, 2014

Archaic research of the Sami

On Saturday 27 September, a new photographic exhibition produced by Nordiska Museet opens in the art gallery at Gamla folkhögskolan in Lycksele. The exhibition shows […]


Publicerat 17 september, 2014

Information boards about Sami history in Umeå

Sami culture gets highlighted during the European Capital of Culture year in Umeå with the help of eight information boards that are placed at different […]


Publicerat 16 september, 2014

Worth a look: Umeå in German TV

The German tv-channel WDR has produced an episode about Umeå as European Capital of Culture. During 43 minutes, the show West Art Magazin Extra with […]


Publicerat 12 september, 2014

Largest fashion week in Northern Sweden

Umeå Fashion Week has quickly established itself in young Umeå as an annual highlight. Here, in the European Capital of Culture 2014, fashion really thrives. […]


Publicerat 8 september, 2014

A quick look in the rear mirror

Five years ago today, on 8 September 2009, the jury selected Umeå as European Capital of Culture 2014. Fredrik Lindegren, artistic director at Umeå2014 remember […]


Publicerat 28 augusti, 2014

Littfest Prepares for the Future

The European Capital of Culture year in Umeå is almost over for Littfest, but the literature festival just won’t stop. The organization sees 2015 and 2016 […]


Publicerat 18 augusti, 2014

Improving contemporary circus in the region

When it comes to the upcoming Contemporary Circus Festival in Umeå, Umeå teaterförening is anything but modest. “We love contemporary circus! Our goal is to […]


Publicerat 8 juli, 2014

Textiles on tour

The exhibition tour We and you who wonder why is all about textile art. Now the tour visits the European Capital of Culture Umeå, where […]


Publicerat 17 juni, 2014

Choir Festival Takes the Stage

30 choirs with about 750 singers are forming Umeå’s first International Choir Festival. The festival starts Tuesday, June 17 and will also include Midsummer and […]


Publicerat 13 juni, 2014

New Art Park Opens in Örnsköldsvik

A brand new art park is about to open in Örnsköldsvik, where high quality art meets nature in perfect harmony. The High Coast Art Valley […]


Publicerat 5 juni, 2014

Digital Pilgrimage in Umeå

Equipped with a walking stick and a cell phone, you can now go on a pilgrimage in Umeå. A brand new pilgrimage app makes it easier […]

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Publicerat 5 juni, 2014

In the Forest – by the Forest

A new permanent exhibition called Samer i skog (Sami in the forest) opens on June 15, 2014 at the Forestry Museum in Lycksele. It deals […]


Publicerat 20 maj, 2014

Handicraft and modern dance

This summer, the modern handicraft exhibition Next Level Craft will fill Västerbotten Museum with objects, sounds and moving images. The exhibition space takes visitors on a […]


Publicerat 30 april, 2014

Spring welcomed in Umeå

The third season opening of the European Capital of Culture year in Umeå was about the returning of the spring, celebrated on the City Hall […]


Publicerat 22 april, 2014

Västernorrland and Umeå inaugurate the spring

Soon it’s time for the third season, spring – Gijrra – during the European Capital of Culture year. The opening starts in Sundsvall and Umeå […]


Publicerat 25 mars, 2014

40 Years of Serving Culture

It all began in 1974 with 4-5 singers and a piano. 40 years later Norrlandsoperan is Sweden’s most comprehensive performing arts institution. This week the […]


Publicerat 17 mars, 2014

First Nordic Wikipedia City

On 21-22 March and 3-4 April, the first so called edit-a-thons under the Umepedia project will be held by Wikimedia Sverige, the National Heritage Board […]


Publicerat 13 mars, 2014

Verket Aims Higher

The alternative music association Verket receives SEK 90 000 from Umeå2014 to stage six independent gigs with bands from all over the the world, bands […]


Publicerat 12 februari, 2014

Huge cultural interest during start of 2014

The European Capital of Culture in Umeå has begun and the pressure is high in the cultural arenas. Shows, exhibitions and concerts succeed each other […]


Publicerat 11 februari, 2014

Umeå2014 opens in Paris – 66º Nord: l’attitude suédoise!

The Northern Room comes to Paris as Umeå is the European Capital of Culture 2014. For three months, starting 11 February 2014, concerts, exhibitions, talks, […]


Publicerat 27 januari, 2014

Umeå and Riga choir reunion

A 25-year old project gets a fresh start in May 2014 as enthusiast Elisabeth Holm has resumed previous contacts between choral conductors and singers in […]


Publicerat 2 januari, 2014

Make room for the children’s future

The Fair City exhibition is the result of 1,000 school children’s ideas, made real by professional artists. The result is presented during the opening weekend […]


Publicerat 10 december, 2013

Artists Caught by [Umeå] winners announced

During 2013 Europe and the rest of the world got the chance to interpret the northern room through the contest Artists Caught by [Umeå], named […]


Publicerat 10 december, 2013

Three days of celebration when Umeå2014 is inaugurated

During the weekend 31 January to 2 February 2014, it’s time to inaugurate the Capital of Culture year in Umeå. The festivities continue throughout the […]


Publicerat 4 december, 2013

Premium non-alcoholic beverage from Västerbotten

Umeå2014 will be able to serve guests with Blue Ganjal, the premium beverage made from cold-pressed blueberries. Mattea Sweden AB, from Vilhelmina produces the beverage […]


Publicerat 20 november, 2013

Umeå targets event big league

Umeå municipality invests in a multi-million event budget. The goal is to make Umeå one of Sweden´s top five event cities by 2020. In total, […]


Publicerat 15 november, 2013

Many starting points lead to Opening Weekend

NorrlandsOperan uses the Capital of Culture as a launchpad to strengthen and develop the regional collaboration with musical collegues in neighbouring counties. The River Stories […]


Publicerat 13 november, 2013

Riga and Pori places artwork on the river

Artist duo SIMKA want to conduct an international project with partners in Riga, Latvia, and Pori, Finland during 2014. In Umeå, a work of art will […]


Publicerat 12 november, 2013

More culture projects receives funding

Umeå2014 co-finance a number of projects with activities during the Capital of Culture year; a mocking theatre, art in four Umeå churches, a story-telling project […]


Publicerat 11 november, 2013

Umeå2014 in your phone

A Umeå2014-app will help visitors in Umeå to see which events during the Capital of Culture year that will take place today and how to […]