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Publicerat 25 februari, 2015

Umeå’s Capital of Culture year on film

The short film Co-Creating the Capital of Culture are filled with events from Umeå’s Capital of Culture year. Now you can watch the film here. During […]


Publicerat 16 januari, 2015

Experience the Northern Light show again

European Capital of Culture Umeå2014’s last big show Northern Light took place in Umeå on the 13th of December, 2014. Now you can experience the […]


Publicerat 19 december, 2014

Thank you!

The European Capital of Culture year is about to end but the cultural city Umeå remains and continues to develop. Thank you all creators and […]


Publicerat 29 oktober, 2014

The body as a tool and the imagination as a playground

Newly started Teater Utkik receives a Cultural Boost from Umeå2014 as co-financing for their kids show Help, the box is empty! which will premiere in […]


Publicerat 29 oktober, 2014

Greta Garbo in Umeå

Sweden’s biggest film star of all time comes to Umeå when Ottiliana Rolandsson gives us parts of her piece ”I Was Greta Garbo” at the Women’s […]


Publicerat 27 oktober, 2014

The circle closes with Waves

Waves of motion poetry and soulful pop in a symphonic garb. Waves by the French choreographer pair Héla Fattoumi and Éric Lamoureux, with original music […]


Publicerat 10 oktober, 2014

”Umeå full of desire!”

The European Capital of Culture season opening Tjakttja – the season of desire, marked the true beginning of autumn in Umeå. The event took place […]


Publicerat 16 september, 2014

Worth a look: Umeå in German TV

The German tv-channel WDR has produced an episode about Umeå as European Capital of Culture. During 43 minutes, the show West Art Magazin Extra with […]


Publicerat 9 september, 2014

Come Dance with The City

Take part of a city’s choreography! In mid-September you can experience a dance installation free of charge. Dance collective Nomodaco invites you all to the project […]

130830 Umeå, 2014 inv Text/Foto:Patrick Trägårdh

Publicerat 30 augusti, 2014

Early autumn has begun

Funny circus acts consisting of everything from ping pong balls to hula hoops, plus modern interpretations of older yoiks. That was how the sixth Sami season […]


Publicerat 27 augusti, 2014

Starting the fall with a grand opening

During Tjakttjagiessie – the season of harvesting – it’s time to take on all that has been growing during the summer. Early autumn offers goodies […]


Publicerat 18 augusti, 2014

Improving contemporary circus in the region

When it comes to the upcoming Contemporary Circus Festival in Umeå, Umeå teaterförening is anything but modest. “We love contemporary circus! Our goal is to […]


Publicerat 12 augusti, 2014

Contemporary circus for everyone

The Contemporary Circus Festival during 29 August to 7 September is Umeå teaterförening´s largest production during the European Capital of Culture year. During ten days […]


Publicerat 11 augusti, 2014

“It will be memorable”

A huge outdoor stage, metal giants and a theme of blood revenge will make Elektra the most memorable production ever in NorrlandsOperan’s history. “This is […]


Publicerat 9 juli, 2014

Say hello to Giessie – summer!

On 11 and 12 July, we are welcoming true summer! The Giessie season will be opened with music, dance and exhibitions. The inaugurations will take […]


Publicerat 18 juni, 2014

Summer highlights

International choral singing, improvised outdoor theatre and a grassroots funded music festival. The Sami seasons early summer and summer in the European Capital of Culture […]


Publicerat 11 juni, 2014

Würzburg Visit Brings Art and Music

In June 2014, more than a hundred people from Würzburg, Germany visit Umeå. It’s a sister city exchange that offers lots of art and music by […]


Publicerat 22 maj, 2014

International Performing Arts at Festival Normal

On 3-5 June 2014, Umeå’s residents and visiting guests are invited to a very different performing arts festival. For the third time, Festival Normal – […]


Publicerat 19 maj, 2014

Concentrated Culture at Umeå Culture Night

On Saturday 24 May 2014, Kulturnatta, or Culture Night, is celebrating its tenth anniversary in Umeå with hundreds of cultural activities and everything is free. […]


Publicerat 13 maj, 2014

World Premiere for Dance Piece

In October 2014, the new Cullberg Ballet piece Works will premiere in Umeå. This is the first time since 1999 that the Cullberg Ballet do a […]


Publicerat 30 april, 2014

Elektra – a monumental outdoor opera

NorrlandsOperan and the dramatic art collective La Fura Dels Baus are creating a monumental outdoor performance of Richard Strauss’ one-act opera. Elektra is a part […]


Publicerat 11 april, 2014

The future of dance at Spring Forward in Umeå

Four days of budding and youthful dance. In Spring Forward Festival 24-27 April 2014, 25 dance companies from 21 countries form an exuberant dance festival […]


Publicerat 25 mars, 2014

40 Years of Serving Culture

It all began in 1974 with 4-5 singers and a piano. 40 years later Norrlandsoperan is Sweden’s most comprehensive performing arts institution. This week the […]


Publicerat 3 mars, 2014

Tickets available for circus festival

This summer, Umeå Teaterförening conducts a 10 day long contemporary circus festival in Umeå. The festival spans between 29 August to 7 September 2014 and […]


Publicerat 1 mars, 2014

The start of the second Sami season was an eventful and boundless musical journey

Umeå – European Capital of Culture in 2014, had an awakening with the opening of the year’s second season Gijrradálvvie, Early Spring, which included yoik, […]


Publicerat 27 februari, 2014

Fair musical based on young stories

In March, the brand new musical Fair Opera – the Musical will premiere in Umeå. The performance, staged by professional adults, is adapted from music […]


Publicerat 13 februari, 2014

Get ready for Elektra

This summer, Norrlandsoperan and performing arts collective La Fura dels Baus creates a monumental outdoor performance of Richard Strauss one-act opera Elektra. The tickets are […]


Publicerat 12 februari, 2014

Huge cultural interest during start of 2014

The European Capital of Culture in Umeå has begun and the pressure is high in the cultural arenas. Shows, exhibitions and concerts succeed each other […]


Publicerat 1 februari, 2014

55 000 people attended Burning Snow

The opening ceremony Burning Snow marked the official start of the European Capital of Culture year in Umeå. Appromixmately 55 000 people were there. Now […]


Publicerat 22 januari, 2014

Legendary dance company to Umeå

What happens when you squeeze muscular male dancers into classic ballet tutus and ballet shoes? The answer is Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. For […]


Publicerat 10 december, 2013

Three days of celebration when Umeå2014 is inaugurated

During the weekend 31 January to 2 February 2014, it’s time to inaugurate the Capital of Culture year in Umeå. The festivities continue throughout the […]


Publicerat 3 december, 2013

Transnational Sami dance

The multi- dance production Man Must Dance by Kompani Nomad will bring together dancers from Sweden, North America, Norway, Poland and Portugal through new technologies […]


Publicerat 20 november, 2013

Umeå targets event big league

Umeå municipality invests in a multi-million event budget. The goal is to make Umeå one of Sweden´s top five event cities by 2020. In total, […]


Publicerat 13 november, 2013

Haga students to grow with musical

Students at the elementary school Hagaskolan in Umeå will create their own musical in collaboration with professionals. The project will involve regular students as well […]


Publicerat 12 november, 2013

More culture projects receives funding

Umeå2014 co-finance a number of projects with activities during the Capital of Culture year; a mocking theatre, art in four Umeå churches, a story-telling project […]


Publicerat 29 oktober, 2013

Ticket release for horror theatre festival

During the horror theatre festival Horror & Art, organized by Profilteatern February 14 to March 28 2014, the theater’s own productions Outbreak and the now […]