Deep winter

Dálvvie – The Season of Caring
The thick blanket of snow protects both soil and land. Under millions of sparkling snow crystals nature rests as she tends her delicate work as the world slows down. In its own way the severity of the barren winter tends the reindeer, causing them to move with gentle purpose in order to survive. Their hooves break through an almost metre-thick layer of snow in order to reach the lichen. Every day the protective winter ensures survival goes on. Only the furry one rests in its winter lair – the one that from the beginning of time has been blessed with a long rest during the harshest of seasons. The sun has retreated back to the northern firmament, spreading its hope, light and comforting rays, causing the snowflakes to glisten in appreciation.
Åsa Simma

Daelvie – Winter

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The programme year started 1 January 2014 and the season 30 January 2014.

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Some of the highlights this season:

Opening weekend
Umeå, Sápmi and Europe gathered their collective forces in a three-day inauguration. See documentation from the weekend here.

A Wasted Journey, A Half-finished Blaze
Enrique Martínez Celaya’s work took on a multitude of forms ranging from austere gestures to mystical scenes brought to life through series of epic paintings, sculptures, photography, poetry and other writings, often presented in evocative and ambitious environments.

The Sami Chinese Project
Together with the Chinese dance company TAO Dance Theater, NorrlandsOperan created a dance and music performance.

Leonor Fini / Pourquoi pas?
Leonor Fini’s many-sided oeuvre was presented for the first time in the Nordic countries. The exhibition included paintings, drawings, book illustrations, objects, text, film and costume sketches for the theatre and opera.

Rock Art in Sápmi – 100 Migratory
A project that linked Sámi tradition, Swedish glass and handicrafts. Dancer Carmen Olsson also created a performance.

Umeå – The European Capital of Hardcore 1989-2000
The exhibition “Umeå – The European Capital of Hardcore 1989–2000″ was shown from February to April 2014, presented by the Archive of Popular Movement in Västerbotten in collaboration with designers SGC & LLLL and Umeå2014.

Midwinter Jazz
On three nights during the opening weekend, Umeå Jazz Studio was a place to warm body and soul with all kinds of improvisational music.

The Folk & World Music Gala 2014
The Folk & World Music Gala is “the Oscars” of world music. It celebrates the best musicians and organizers and nine of the genre’s best soloists and groups played during a two-hour concert.

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