Early autumn

Tjakttjagiessie – The Season of Harvesting
The light, the warmth, the sun and the rain have brought out the best from the earth’s rich pantry. The bull reindeer are magnificent as they prepare for the mating season. The earth brings forth her gifts –berries, herbs, mushrooms to all of us living beings. We hunt. We gather the very last of the earth’s bounty as she starts to undress.
Åsa Simma

Tjaktje-giesie / Early fall

tjakttjagiessie_engGo to the events calendar: This season started 29 August 2014.

Flip through the printed program for this season.

Some of the highlights this season:

Food Festival
For five days, enthusiasts of good food could enjoy and take part in Umeå’s food culture.

Contemporary Circus Festival
The most interesting, challenging and spectacular elements of contemporary circus, street performance and music hall.

Survival Kit
An art festival about survival on many levels, global and local. It showcased the works of some 30 artists from Sweden and the rest of the world.

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