Early spring

Gijrradálvvie – The Season of Awakening
Each day lengthens a ptarmigan’s step at a time, reviving. Icicles drip tears of joy, the awakening conjures forth movement. Expectant reindeer cows, bearing new life within them, gaze towards the northwest. Underneath the blanket of snow the soil’s desire to awaken lives on. The reindeer cows know. Soon it will be time to return to the same snow-free patches that have welcomed their calves year after year.
Åsa Simma

Gijre-daelvie – Early spring

gijradaln_engGo to the events calendar: This season started 28 February 2014.

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Some of the highlights this season:

Horror & Art
For six weeks Umeå was a meeting place for horror aficionados. Performing arts, film, music, art and science.

Ubmejen biejvieh
The Sámi week coincided with our sports holidays and also featured many outdoor activities for children. Events and activities took place at venues around the city.

Making Senses
Six actors portrayed six women with disabilities in Sweden and Palestine living under drastically different conditions. The characters represented women from a variety of ages and their stories.

A festival of the written word with around one hundred international and Swedish authors.

Umeå Open Grand Slam
One of Sweden’s largest indoor rock festivals and a given meeting point for music lovers throughout Norrland.

Spring Forward Festival
Spring Forward is an annual dance festival in which young dancers and choreographers showcase their works to the public. The festival visits a new city every year. In the Capital of Culture year 2014 it was Umeå’s turn.

Riitta Päiväläinen: River Notes
Riitta Päiväläinen is known for her temporary site-specific installations in nature, consisting of second-hand clothing and flea market fabrics arranged in familiar shapes or abstract patterns within the landscape and captured in color photographs.

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