Early summer

Gijrragiessie – The Season of Growing
Early summer, the earth slowly clothes itself in green, adorns itself in the colours of the plants. Cautiously and fumbling, she stretches out into the warm air. Crops take on strength. The trees’ leaves become bolder, allowing the wind to play with them. Mosquitoes drive the reindeer herds to the upland glaciers. We prepare to move to the mountains where the calves have always stayed and where they have always grown in their protective herds.
Åsa Simma

Gijre-giesie / Early Summer

gijragiessie_engelskGo to the events calendar: This season started 20 June 2014.

Flip through the printed program for this season.

Some of the highlights this season:

A Choral Midsummer Light’s Dream
Umeå’s international choir festival. The programme included concerts, workshops and a European work written especially for the festival.

Midnight Light Tango Festival
The festival included weekend courses with prominent international tutors and a special collaboration with Riga, among other things.

Baltic Sea – Floating Trunks
In this project, a large floating grove of trees was launched on the river in central Umeå.

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