Early winter

Tjakttjadálvvie – The Season of a Journey
The sun wanders away, leaving us in silence and longing. The reindeer are sorted into smaller herds. Cautiously they wander to their winter grazing lands; the ground is sensitive and we must tread on her with care. She sleeps under the glittering blanket of snow; the northern lights – the light of the eyes of those who have left us – watch over us; the stars gather in recognizable patterns so that we find our way back, to the new year that is coming.
Åsa Simma

Tjaktje-Daelvie / Early Winter

nowjan_engGo to the events calendar: This season starts 21 November 2014.

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Some of the highlights this season:

Umeå European Film Festival 2014
In connection with the inauguration of the new cultural centre in Umeå, the house hosted a film festival. The UEFF film festival was previously called MOVE.

NorrlandsOperan’s season concert featured an innovative dance piece performed to energetic music by Peter von Poehl.

Dellie maa
The new Sami festival showed films and art produced by indigenous people worldwide.

Us and Them
A collaborative documentary photography project where people photographed by professional photographers were encouraged to join in the creative process.

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