True spring

Gijrra – The Season of Returning
The days and nights are light now. A deafening rumble lets loose the ice. The living watercourses tickle the land, enticing the greenery to return. May is Miessemánnu – the calf month. It is now that the young take their first faltering steps. To the safe, familiar patches of snow-free ground on the mountain slopes, the same familiar grounds, they return year after year. The calves gather strength, collecting courage for life’s journey ahead.
Åsa Simma

Gïjre – Spring


Go to the events calendar: This season started 30 April 2014.

Flip through the printed program for this season.

Some of the highlights this season:

Inta Ruka
Photographs from the internationally famous Latvian photographer, were shown at the Västerbotten museum.

Norrland Passion
A large, innovative, theatrical adventure in a circus tent with new pieces from three young, Norrland dramatists.

Right Is Wrong
The exhibition Right Is Wrong contained Chinese art from four decades and presented the emergence of contemporary art in China.

Shape in Shambles
Orchestral interpretation of the well-known hardcore album The Shape of Punk to Come by the Umeå band Refused.

Performing arts festival which builds its programme around international, national and local performers and artists.

Fair Game
Football, music, dance, film! Long term ill children, their families and school classes, created lyrics and music for a football musical.

World class athletes and a symphony orchestra? Gymnastics and a screaming guitar solo? Pole vault and a soprano? Yes!

Festival Normal
A performing arts festival that challenged our view on what “normal” is.

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