About Umeå2014

Umeå2014 has been a window to all of Europe. We have used it to show that we are one of the foremost culture-driven cities in Europe. Because of Umeå2014 the cultural exchanges between Umeå and the rest of Europe have increased. This means that Europe has had a chance to get to know Umeå’s cultural life. And we have established bonds with new European friends.

Raising northern Sweden’s European profile
In its verdict, the jury cited Umeå’s ambition to make the city and northern Sweden more visible in Europe and to use culture as a driving force in regional development. The jury was unanimous in recommending Umeå as European Capital of Culture 2014. Umeå was a truly great cultural city even before the selection as Capital of Culture. 2014 was a chance to step up the pace and become even sharper.

A programme of co-creation
“Co-creation” was the key word in Umeå2014’s Capital of Culture initiative. The concept meant that everyone could participate and contribute to the programme. To promote a long-term perspective and encourage the continuance of Capital of Culture activities beyond 2014, projects were run by the “cultural operators” themselves.

An Umeå2014 team received suggestions, coordinated activities and granted funds. In other words, most of the Capital of Culture activities were run by associations, organisations, cultural institutions and other interested parties.

We continue to create together after 2014
Umeå2014 was mostly about expanding upon the dynamic cultural scene that Umeå already had. And now when 2014 have ended, what we have created will continue to be put to use – for many years to come.

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