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balticgruppenlogoMain partner of Umeå2014 – Balticgruppen
Since it was founded in 1987 Balticgruppen has always taken an active role in the development of Umeå, participating in community building and enhancing the city’s appeal. Making Umeå more interesting to live in, work in and visit also enhances property values in the city. “Whatever is good for Umeå is good for Balticgruppen” is a slogan that neatly summarises the company’s view of its role in the city’s development. A city’s cultural life is a good reflection of its overall health and in this respect we can say with confidence that Umeå and its people are thriving.
The naming of Umeå as European Capital of Culture 2014 clearly confirms that the city’s cultural life is growing organically with its population. That’s good for Umeå and for Balticgruppen too. So it was only natural that Balticgruppen worked with and supported Umeå2014 in various ways. In total Balticgruppen’s commitment involved at least SEK 15 million in funding of programme items that were developed in consultation with the Capital of Culture project.
Previous cultural and city development projects that Balticgruppen has supported include: Umeå Arts Campus, Väven (which includes the new cultural centre, among other cultural activities), NorrlandsOperan, Umedalen Skulptur, Sami culture and sculptures in public spaces.

Västerbottens-Kuriren ABMedia partner to Umeå2014 – Västerbottens-Kuriren AB
Through a partnership, Västerbottens-Kuriren AB was the main media partner for Umeå2014 and the Capital of Culture project. The agreement gave Umeå2014 publishing rights in all media under the VK-group. This includes Västerbottens-Kuriren, Folkbladet, Totalt Umeå and Nöjesmagasinet City. The news sites and, as well as the radio stations Mix Megapol 104,2 Umeå and RIX FM 106,2 Umeå are also included.

In addition to advertising about the Capital of Culture year, campaigns and events were also part of the agreement, meaning VK AB was the exclusive local media partner. The partnership allowed the Capital of Culture year to be seen by as many people as possible in the immediate are.

swedbank3Theme partner to Umeå2014 – Swedbank
Through a collaboration with Umeå2014, Swedbank was a theme partner to the Capital of Culture year regarding the children and youth area. That meant support for cultural activities focusing on children and youth. Swedbank also spread the message about the Capital of Culture year in the northern region and organized activities with connection to culture driven growth.

The collaboration was part of a long-term focus on growth as Swedbank for a long time has been an active supporter of non-profit organisation activities and work regarding children and youth. They have done this through lectures in schools with the purpose of decreasing the youth unemployment rate.

foretagarnaBusiness partner for Umeå2014 – Företagarna
As partner to Umeå2014, Företagarna Västerbotten Service AB (“The Entrepreneurs”) spread information about the Capital of Culture year to businesses in the region, so that they could get more aware and see how they could benefit from the Capital of Culture project.

The partner agreement also meant that people from Företagarna dedicated time during 2013-2015 to work with regional development in Västerbotten.

motorcentralen133Business partner for Umeå2014 – Motorcentralen
Motorcentralen was a partner and supplier of cars for Umeå2014. Through the partnership cultural agents could without charge borrow cars during 2014 for transporting artists, materials and more.

Motorcentralen is one of Umeå’s oldest and largest family-owned companies and celebrated its 70th anniversary during 2014. Over the years the company has supported Umeå sports life and for 2014 Motorcentralen also teamed up with the Glada Hudik Theater, which performed a special show in Umeå.


Business partner for Umeå2014 – Ultra
The Umeå local transportation – Ultra – is a collaboration between Länstrafiken in Västerbotten, Nobina and Umeå municipality. Umeå was the European Capital of Culture 2014 and Ultra saw this as a good opportunity to tag along on the culture trail.

Being an important player in the society, we have had the opportunity to contribute to a rich cultural life in Umeå and at the same time promote ourselves. During the Capital of Culture year, lots of interesting and entertaining cultural activities took place in Umeå. Many of these could easily be reached by bus.

Business partner for Umeå2014 – Umeå Airport
Swedavia Umeå Airport was an arena that profiled and made the European Capital of Culture year in Umeå visible. A partnership that gave arriving and departing travelers to Umeå a welcome message through both activities and exposure on surfaces. Umeå Airport wants to be an active player in the region and the airport is a portal for the entire region. It was therefore important to establish Umeå2014 at the airport and welcome visitors, using the floor surfaces in a playful way, among other things, and delight both young and old.

Umeå Airport’s first flight took off in December 1961, but the airport was inaugurated in May 1962. Since then, the airport has continued to develop both in terms of its buildings and passenger numbers, but also due to the fact that many airlines have chosen to serve Umeå. Swedavia is a state-owned group that owns, operates and develops ten airports across Sweden. Our role is to create the access Sweden needs to facilitate travel, business and meetings – in Sweden, in Europe and around the world. Satisfied and reassured passengers are the foundation of our business. Swedavia is a world leader in developing airports with the least possible environmental impact. The Group has revenue of more than 5.5 billion Swedish kronor and 2,500 employees.

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