Caught by Umeå

A European roadshow to capture creativity
Prior to the Capital of Culture year Umeå reached out to invite the whole of Europe to participate in forming Umeå2014 in a way that no other Capital of Culture had ever done before. The Capital of Culture committee staged a European roadshow in autumn 2013, called Caught by [Umeå].

About the roadshow
Caught by [Umeå] was a roadshow through Europe that took place between September and October 2013 and aimed to pique people’s curiosity and interest in Umeå’s Capital of Culture year 2014. The project was based on interaction between Umeå and several European cities and countries where the roadshow passed through.

In collaboration with Visit Sweden and the ICEHOTEL among others, an experience place were built in selected cities, with elements from Umeå and Sweden to capture all the senses. In and around this place there were dining experiences, musical performances, exciting cultural exchanges and film screenings. Environments were built up where visitors could be inspired by the Swedish lifestyle and Umeå’s unique progressive culture. We also let visitors experience the contrast between summer and winter. They could hang out in an summer hammock or watch the pros create ice sculptures live!

About the contest
With keywords such as progressive culture, co-creativity and passion the Artists Caught by [Umeå] contest invited creative people to reflect on and interpret Umeå and northern Sweden. A jury of experts in each visited country along with a Swedish jury decided who made it to the semifinals. These grants were issued on the experience places in the cities where the visitors were given the opportunity to vote for their favorites.

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