Umeås ansökan / Umeå's bid

Umeå’s bid

Umeå’s application to be the EU’s northernmost Capital of Culture ever, “Curiosity and Passion – the Art of Co-Creation”, was inspired by the eight seasons of the Sami calendar.

Umeå's bid, part 1First application (in October 2008)
The bulk of the document is Umeå’s answers to the EU questionnaire. After that there is a supplement that describes Umeå’s history and a photo supplement. A four-minute long film is also attached that summarizes some of the main points of the application.

First application – English version (pdf, 9 Mb)

Look at the first film here (YouTube)

The pre-selection report (pdf, 83 Kb)

Second application (in June 2009)
This document describes the programme in more detail than the first application as it was a response to the selection panel’s report.

Umeå's bid, part 2

Second application – English version (pdf, 18 Mb)

Look at the second film here (YouTube)

Final selection report (pdf, 25 Kb)