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Information material

bok2014The year in words and images:
Umeå, European Capital of Culture 2014 – PDF, 7 MB – 124 pages with photos and texts in Swedish, summaries in English.

”The European Capital of Culture year in Umeå 2014 demonstrated the enormous energy generated when we work together. This book showcases a number of the fantastic works, performances and projects that cultural creators have brought to life.

We are convinced that culture is the lifeblood of human development. Culture pumps life-giving oxygen into the living body of society and gives us the power and strength to develop – together.”


Dálvvie – Winter – the first season, 30 January – 27 February: Flip through Download PDF
Gijrradálvvie – Early spring – the second season, 28 February – 29 April: Flip through Download PDF
Gijrra – True spring – the third season, 30 April – 19 June: Flip through Download PDF
Gijrragiessie – Early summer – the fourth season, 20 June – 10 July: Flip through Download PDF
Giessie – Summer – the fifth season, 11 July – 28 August: Flip through Download PDF
Tjakttjagiessie – Early autumn – the sixth season, 29 August – 9 October: Flip through Download PDF
Tjakttja – True autumn – the seventh season, 10 October – 20 November: Flip through Download PDF
Tjakttjadálvvie – Early winter – the eighth season, 21 November – 29 January: Flip through Download PDF



A Programme Year in the Making – Preliminary program book with a selection of projects during the Capital of Culture year (published January 2013). Full version, PDF, 128 pages.

Brochure – A Programme Year in the Making – PDF, 24-page version with some of the highlights.

Poster ”A Programme Year in the Making” – Poster version (PDF).

Welcome to Umeå – European Capital of Culture 2014
Brief information about Umeå2014 (PDF)

Umeå2014 Fact Sheet (PDF)

Västerbotten 2014, here we come!
Region Västerbotten present a small selection of the events planned throughout the county in 2014 (pdf)

Maps and brochures from VisitUmea

Facts about Sami culture
Basic information about Sami culture, in English and Swedish.

Information material in Swedish (link to a page on the Swedish part of the website)

Information material in other languages

Digital strategy (pdf)

Umeå2014 – Opening up our minds
A film about Umeå2014 and the northern room.

My People – The Sami People
A short film to spark curiosity about the Sami culture.

For films from the opening weekend 1 January ─ 2 February 2014, click here.

This is an appendix to Umeå’s first application.

This is an appendix to Umeå’s second application.

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