Graphic manual

Throughout the entire process, from application to execution, Umeå2014’s communication was characterised by the core values of cocreation, curiosity and passion. Umeå2014 was a complex project with multiple parties and co-creative actors, which put special demands on transparency and flexibility. The primary target groups for communication were the inhabitants of Umeå and the potential visitors on a regional, national and international level. Other target groups were project owners, co-creators, partners, sponsors as well as organisations and governmental agencies with ties to the culture capital year. In as the project was a melting pot of multiple interested parties, communication that was consistent , clear and consequent was needed. And as it was to entice participation, it needed to be creative and inspiring. So in retrospect, Umeå2014’s communication can be summarised as having functioned well.

The project’s identity, with its graphic elements (“The Heart”, “super graphics” and logotype) as guidelines for the core message, the Sami seasonal cycle and stylized mosaic images provided a strong basis for successful marketing. The identity encompassed the entire project, with all its contrasting cultural expressions, in a flexible but strict format. Umeå2014 succeeded by creating feelings of self-identification while simultaneously conveying many different stories and perspectives.

The graphic manual has functioned as a pedagogic tool chest from which to retrieve colours, styles and inspiration. Now the culture capital year is over and we are putting the manual aside for now. But, we want the heart to live on as a bridge to the future, as a bearer of culture and symbol of creativity, openness and co-creation.