Photo: Anna-Karin Drugge


Umeå2014 was a project in Umeå municipality run by the Umeå2014 team, led by the Culture Committee of Umeå Municipality. The Umeå2014 team promoted the Capital of Culture year by giving advice on how cultural actors could develop and finance their project ideas. The team also inspired, organized, coordinated and gave presentations about Umeå2014 and the project’s importance.

The Umeå2014 team consisted of a number of teams with different tasks.

The Management Team has had overall responsibility for the Capital of Culture project. The management team was responsible for finance, artistic quality, contact with the Ministry of Culture and the Arts Council and strategic communication prior to and during the Capital of Culture year.

The Programme Group received and was in charge of projects and had a dialogue with all co-creators.

The Sami Artistic Council developed, quality assured and gave advice about the Sami content of the year.

The Communication Team was in charge of communications, and marketed and shared information about Umeå2014.

It was the cultural actors in Umeå and the northern region that filled Capital of Culture year with content in the form of projects and events in 2014. The Umeå2014 team supported and gave advice to people with project ideas.

The Capital of Culture Committee was the body under the municipal executive board that were responsible for implementing Umeå – European Capital of Culture 2014. The committee consisted of politicians who were in charge of goal fulfillment, financing and organization. The committe coordinated the municipality’s collaboration with external stakeholders in Umeå, in the northern region, in Sweden and in the rest of the world. The committee also decided how to use the funds set aside for the implementation of Umeå2014 – European Capital of Culture.

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