Film material for broadcasters

From the Opening Weekend 31/1-2/2, 2014 we can provide a 10 minute documentary film, as well as a full documentation of the 1 hour long opening ceremony Burning Snow.

Opening Weekend documentary:

2 minute trailer:

Full version (10 minutes) here.


Burning Snow

5 min trailer from Burning Snow 1 February 2014:

(click here for download link)

Full 1 hour version here.


Umeå2014 ─ Opening up our minds

Television broadcasters who wish to illustrate news items about Umeå2014 may use excerpts from the film below. We provide it in three formats, the content is the same in all three. The material may only be used for editorial purposes related to Umeå2014.

Google Drive download links:

See the YouTube version of the film below. Please note that the downloadable files are without subtitles or name tags.


In August 2014 Norrlandsoperan set up an outdoor version of the opera Elektra which received accolades in several international media. We can offer media five minutes of moving images from the performance to illustrate news about this event. Please note that this is raw footage, so the audio quality is not optimal.


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