Lördag nov 15 2014 12:00 - 12:30

Four Women, 100 Extras, 36 m² Quilting

OTALT is turning gender-equality statistics into art in a performance to be held during the Swedish Forum for Human Rights event in Umeå. During the performance, one hundred people will represent one hundred percentage points. On a 36-m² handmade patchwork quilt with the same number of squares, OTALT will artistically interpret and bring to life gender-equality statistics using the bodies of men and women. The bodies will move in a choreography directed by four women with megaphones located outside the performance space. From the four corners of the quilt, they will act as directors, calling out statistics on gender inequality. These statistics will encourage the audience and participants to reflect on what inequality involves and to experience the statistics on a physical level in their own bodies.

The performance piece 4 kvinnor, 100 statister, 36 m² handarbete (Four Women, 100 Extras, 36 m² Quilting) was performed for the first time on International Women’s Day 2014 as a reminder that work to achieve gender equality has only just begun.

OTALT is a feminist performance group from Arvika. Its members are Helene Karlsson, Emma Karlsson, Anna Ehnsiö and Sara Falkstad. They are “four creative people with four different artistic backgrounds, from theatre to text and visual art”. The artistic results are neither theatre nor visual art in the traditional sense, but an experimental collaboration between the two.

Would you like to join OTALT’s performance as one of the 100 extras? (Link in Swedish)

Lördag nov 15 2014 12:00 - 12:30 Town Hall Square

Arrangör: OTALT, MR-dagarna, Demokratiakademin, Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten
Mer info: https:/­/­www.facebook.com/­events/­571159339695943/­
Helene Karlsson / OTALT
+46 70-6315008

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