Sun Jan 19 - Sun Feb 16 2014

Andreas Johansson / Place Position

Andreas Johansson’s illusory three-dimensional landscapes depict dilapidated, rundown and abandoned areas. He makes use of collage techniques relying on photographs of his own neighbourhood as a starting-point – cutting them apart and assembling them to form new, coherent entities. In this way, he creates fictitious places that relate to previous actual events and activities, but are entirely constructs of his imagination – inaccessible, secretive environments existing somewhere between reality and dreams. Johansson has previously presented his landscapes in the form of pop-up books, where the motifs emerge when the covers are opened. He is creating a wholly new work for Bildmuseet: a pop-up landscape in large-scale format.

Andreas Johansson (born 1977) currently lives and works in Malmö. After completing his studies at Malmö Art Academy, he has participated in exhibitions in Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, Arles and Hannover.

Sun Jan 19 - Sun Feb 16 2014 Bildmuseet

Organizer: Bildmuseet
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+46 90-786 7400

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