Tue Aug 12 - Sun Aug 17 2014
Art project

Art Camp: Homeland

Twelve artists from Österbotten, Finland and Västerbotten, Sweden will work during five days in the environment at Västerbottens museum. The process of art-making will be visible for the audience and create meetings between contemporary art and our cultural heritage.

The artists start working August 12th

Opening  August 17th at 14:00



  • Sebastian Mügge
  • Mattias Olofsson
  • Gunilla Samberg
  • Ulla Thœgersen
  • Lisa W Carlson & Janne Björkman


  • Sylvia Javén
  • Nina Lassila
  • Juha Mäki-Jussila
  • Maria Nordbäck
  • Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
  • Anna-Mari Vierikko



Tue Aug 12 - Sun Aug 17 2014 Västerbotten museum

Organizer: Västerbottens museum in collaboration with Region Västerbotten
Part of a project: Art Camp: Homeland
Suzanne Steneberg
090-16 39 46
070-396 51 34

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