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Asta Kask

The punk-band Asta Kask, originally called X-tas, was formed in 1978 in Swedish small-town of Töreboda. Musically the members stood somewhere between Kiss and The Sex Pistols. Around 1980 the band changed the name to Asta Kask and did quite a lot of touring throughout of Sweden. A dance-band promotor booked the band for a tour to some of the “folkparker” (people’s parks) that was around at the time. A “folkpark” is a special kind of venue that used to be very common in Sweden and people came there mainly to dance. However the tour ended in disaster as the band was attacked by “raggare” (greasers) and had to be escorted off stage by the police. As you might have guessed “raggare” was not fans of punk-rock.

Since the days of the folkpark-tours and menacing greasers, the band has been dissolved and revived a number of times and now it’s finally time for them to enter the stage of the Ljusgården Atrium at Umeå University.


Fredag mar 14 2014 12:10 - 12:50 Umeå university, ljusgården i Lärarutbildningshuset

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