Monday Oct 14 2013 19:00 - 20:20
Engaging theatre

Autumn Dance

Autumn Dance is an earth-shaking story about living under political oppression and about voices that never get heard. Shabnam Tolouei is the only actor in this drama, using her unique skills to play all participating parts. The dialogue and Shabnam Toloueis clever acting higlights a series of strong personal portraits, challenging the collective intellect of the audience.

Performance is in Persian and French.
“Subtitles” in Swedish.

By: Shabnam Tolouei
Scenography & costume: Parisa Pajohandeh
Light: Golchehr Damghaniv
Producer: Riksteatern

Photographer: José Figueroa

Tickets: Biljettcentrum

Monday Oct 14 2013 19:00 - 20:20 Ersboda folkets hus

Organizer: Umeå Teaterförening, Iranska föreningen and Studiefrämjandet
+4690 77 08 70

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