Saturday Nov 29 2014

Bass & Friends 2,5

Bassist Svante Lindroth and Umeå musicians from different genres.

Usually when you go to to a concert, it’s one artist, group or genre you can listen to. What’s different about this show is that it includes folk music, rock, swing, jazz, soul, ballads and Sami yoik featuring some Umeå’s best performers within each genre. This will also be a meeting between professional musicians and amateurs. The concert will show off a large part of Umeå’s energetic music scene. It’s a collective performance, with opportunities for anyone who wants to do a solo number. In total, about 20 songs will be performed, each with its own arrangement of musicians. Bassist Svante Lindroth will play with everyone.

Saturday Nov 29 2014 Studion, Umeå folkets hus

Organizer: Umeå Folk Music Association
Svante Lindroth
+46 70-6375630

Visiting information for Studion, Umeå folkets hus

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