Sön okt 12 2014 - sön jan 18 2015

Bill 365°

BILL 365°

An opportunity to see renowned and colourful Umeå artist Bill Olson in his first solo exhibition at Västerbotten Museum. Olson has been a productive artist for more than 40 years and has participated in a large number of exhibitions, both in Sweden and abroad, in productions for Sweden’s Television, in video festivals and in the creation of public artworks. He can also look back on a career in performance group Decay Pitch, who are temporarily reunited in the exhibition BILL 365°. Olson has even worked in theatre, as a radio presenter and as a jazz music critic.


The exhibition comprises 365 sketches and drawings, one each day for a year starting 4 July 2011. The idea came about in conversations with his daughter, dance performance artist Anja Arnquist, who in provocative discussions with Olson roused thoughts of showing more vulnerability in the creative process, of daring to expose oneself and acknowledge one’s habits. To ask who is Bill Olson the artist? The title refers to all the days of the year and the 360° of a complete circle. The last five degrees represent the audience, as participants.


Olson’s art project attracted attention during the preparations for Umeå Capital of Culture 2014. His daily work was captured by a web camera and broadcast live on the capital of culture website, umea2014.se. The exhibition is forever changing via programmes and activities in which Olson talks to and garners inspiration from visitors. Throughout the exhibition period, the room will be filled with concerts, jazz music, dance, performance and live drawing. What’s more a newly produced book, tying in with the 365 works on display, will be launched in conjunction with the exhibition.

Curator Anja Arnquist. Choreographer and dancer, born and raised in Umeå, living in                 Stockholm. Currently performing in works by Cristina Caprioli and Björn Säfsten with tours in the USA, Hungary, the UK and France. Following her education at Balettakademin and Danshögskolan, both in Stockholm, Arnquist has worked as a producer and curator for NorrlandsOperan in Umeå, free groups in Denmark and various projects closer to home in Stockholm.

Designer: Olle Samuelsson

The BILL 365° project is arranged with support from Umeå2014.



Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 11-18
Wednesday: 11-21
Thursday – Friday: 11-18
Saturday – Sunday: 11-17

Sön okt 12 - sön dec 21 2014 Västerbotten museum
Tisdag dec 23 2014 Västerbotten museum
Tor dec 25 - tis dec 30 2014 Västerbotten museum
Tor jan 1 - sön jan 11 2015 Västerbotten museum
Tis jan 13 - sön jan 18 2015 Västerbotten museum

Arrangör: Västerbottens museum
Del av projekt: 8 x Art
Mer info: http:/­/­bambuser.com/­channel/­bill365
Suzanne Steneberg

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