Mon Nov 17 - Sat Nov 29 2014
Contemporary Art

Corners Ersboda – Papyrint

Daily at KULTURISTAN/Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan

Public rehersal: Tuesday 25/11 15–17

Opening Saturday 29/11  16 during Ersboda KNYTKALAS


In PAPYRINT, the Skart group will teach the kids how to write and paint. Nils Persone will play his saxophone, and the kids will make and play special instruments. Kajsa Sandstrom will dance and play with mirrors, and Primož Bezjak and Borja Ruiz will tell secrets about how to become a good actor.

In the end – the artists and the kids – will create a performance.

Borja Ruiz (Basque Country)
Kajsa Sandström (Sweden)
Nils Personne (Sweden)
Primož Bezjak (Slovenia)
ŠKART / Dragan Protic & Djordje Balmazovic (Serbia)
Maciej Salamon (Poland)
Nedyalko Delchev (Bulgaria)


Mon Nov 17 - Sat Nov 29 2014 Ersboda folkets hus

Organizer: Intercult and Gallery Verkligheten
Part of a project: Corners
More information: http:/­/­
Chris Torch
+46 70 554 10 23

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