Sun Nov 16 - Sun Nov 30 2014
Contemporary Art

Corners Ersboda – Turning Umeå inside out

Turning Umeå inside out

CORNERS brings a platform of international artists & animators into direct contact and co-creation with people living in Ersboda, 6 km outside of the city center… or?…

…Where is the center? Who remains at the “edges”?

15 professionals from 8 corners of Europe: Northern Ireland, The Basque Country, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria. In Ersboda. They engage in participatory works with children, young people, adults and visitors. They share with active partners like:

  • Ersboda Folkets hus
  • Ersboda Slöjdföreningen
  • Kulturistan Ersboda/Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan i Västerbotten
  • skolor i Ersboda
  • ABF Ersboda
  • m.fl

The projects within CORNERS Ersboda are: Birdhouse Galleries, Papyrint, In Between, Ersboda PotluckLight and Ersboda Julmarknad

Sun Nov 16 - Sun Nov 30 2014

Organizer: Intercult and Gallery Verkligheten
Part of a project: Corners
More information: http:/­/­
Chris Torch
+46 70 554 10 23

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