Thu May 29 - Sun Jun 1 2014

Crossing Boarders Camp 2014

Do you want to be part of the world’s best camp?

Do you weant to try parkour, boxing, LAN or jiujitsu?

Are you a girl between 13 to 18 years old who lives in Umeå?

If so, you are welcome to take part in Crossing Boarders Camp 2014, 29 May to 1 June at Hamnmagasinet! During these four days you will get to try different activities, meet new friends, be inspired and have fun!

Activities you get to try include parkour, boxing, jiujitsu and LAN. You will get the opportunity to participate in these activities together with professional leaders and female role models from both Sweden and Europe.

What does it cost?

What equipment do I need?
Nothing! Everything will be available for loan. You also get stylish sports ware from us.

How do I get there?
We will pick you up!

But what if I don’t want to go alone?
We have a friend guarantee! That meens that if your freind wants to come along you can apply to go together!

I cannot sleep away from home..?
It is just a day camp, then we drop you home again!

I have a disability, is this really for me?
The camp is made to suit everyone’s needs!

I have special dietary needs, will I go hungry?
We provide food for everyone’s needs!

As you can see, we have thought of it all.The only thing we miss is you! You don’t really want to miss the world’s best camp. Sign up before 8 May to with your name, address and telephone number. Tell us also why you want to come to the camp. We are especially interested in anyone who wants to find an activity to get involved with in your free time.
Want to know anything more? Get in touch with me: or mobile 072-02 15 000

Thu May 29 - Sun Jun 1 2014 Hamnmagasinet

Organizer: Crossing Boarders
Part of a project: Crossing Boarders Camp
Contact: eller
mobil 072-02 15 000

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