Sat Feb 8 - Sun Mar 23 2014

Daily Dyes

Artist Lina Sofia Lundin exhibits her works in the Umeå City Library atrium.

The exhibition Daily Dyes is all about natural dyeing in everyday life, both planned and unplanned. The artist questions conventional textile dyeing and shows us several natural color pigment found in our environment, such as skins and seeds from fruits and vegetables.

Linda Sofia Lundin is an artist and pedagogue, based in Gothenburg and has exhibited works in several locations. In September 2013 she won the Nordic Art Insight art competition with sustainable consumption as a theme. The prize was SEK 100,000 and the opportunity to display the work during Umeå2014.

Parts of the winning piece The Expanded Field of Composting will be on display in Ljusgården, Umeå City Library.

Another current project is the textile dyeing experiment Through Time, exhibited in the World Heritage house at Falu Gruva, until September 2014, as well as the travelling exhibition Shop Show being displayed in Malmö and Falkenberg as well as in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

More information:

Sat Feb 8 - Sun Mar 23 2014 The old city library

Organizer: Umeå Municipality
Ulf Samuelsson
+46 90-163482
+46 706-112267

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