Tor nov 27 - sön dec 7 2014

Dellie maa - Sápmi Indigenous Film & Art Festival 2014

Dellie maa is the new Sami festival showing films and art produced by indigenous people worldwide. We create an arena for these stories and want Dellie maa to become an annual festival wich each year collaborate with new indigenous peoples, to create a global film and art festival!

Dellie maa’s cooperations this year includes the Maoriland Film Festival, which means that we will show a number of films from New Zealand. In the program will be mostly short films and documentaries but also some features,  work in progress, panel discussions and workshops. In addition the opening of the art exhibition Vaapsten Bïjre, in collaboration with the Umeå 2014 River Stories project. Our  program will not be announced until the end of October, but check out to keep track of what you dont want to miss!

Dellie maa will cooperate with Umeå European Film Festival with the arrangement and we thank Film i Västerbotten, the Sami Parliament and Umeå2014 for making the arrangement possible!

Tor nov 27 - lör nov 29 2014 Tärnaby
Lör dec 6 - sön dec 7 2014 Väven

Arrangör: Hijven
Del av projekt: Umeå European Film Festival
Oskar Östergren
+46 70-555 13 17

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