Lördag sep 13 2014 14:45 - 15:15
Art in church

Diptych by Per Enoksson

A new art work by Per Enoksson.

When an old pipe organ was removed in Mariakyrkan, the void that remained in the wall inspired artist Per Enoksson to comment on this space through a diptych.

Per Enoksson about his piece:

”For many years I have painted and drawn, and in my pictures tried to push color and shape to a point where the observer can sense an uncomfortable existence behind a beautiful facade. A world full of stories that must be told, holding both chaos and meaning.”

”The two parts of the diptych show the light and darkness that humanity always move between.”

This work will be displayed in the Maria Church until December 21. It is part of the project ”The Beacon”, where four artists each create a new work in one of four churches.
Read more about the other artworks here.

Lördag sep 13 2014 14:45 - 15:15 Maria Church

Arrangör: Church of Sweden, Umeå
Del av projekt: The Beacon
Stina Dahlgren, stina.dahlgren@svenskakyrkan.se,
curator Anna Kristensen, anna@annakristensen.com

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