Saturday Nov 15 2014 19:00 - 20:15

Elsa Laula

On February 6, the Sami National Day is celebrated in four countries in memory of the first Sami congress held in Trondheim in 1917. It was initiated by Elsa Laula Renberg, who organized and founded the world’s first Sami association. Today, 110 years later, the right to land and water is still debated.

Screenwriter: Cecilia Persson, Ada E. Jürgensen, Liv Hege Nylund
Directed by Liv Hege Nylund
Assistant Director & Choreographer: Ada E. Jürgensen
Set Design & Costume: Hilde Pedersen Skancke
Music: Frode Fjellheim
Cast: Cecilia Persson
Producer: Åarjelhsaemien Teatere (south Sami Theatre) / Nord Trondelag Theatre

Photo: Espen Storhaug

Tickets: Biljettcentrum

Saturday Nov 15 2014 19:00 - 20:15 Studion, Umeå folkets hus

Organizer: Såhkie, Umeå Sameförening, NorrlandsOperan, Vuxenskolan och Umeå Teaterförening

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