Fri Jan 31 - Fri Feb 14 2014

Fair City - an Expo

Kulturverket is an activity within the municipality of Umeå, with the aim to find and take care of young people’s creativity. This we do by working in arts- and cultural projects, with kids, in the classroom.

During the school year of 2012-2013 Kulturverket, together with many experts, worked with around 1000 pupils from Umeå. Our experts came from the University of Umeå, from organisations for children’s rights and from other parts of our society.

Together we discussed important matters for the future, and the pupils thereafter created music, paintings, texts, films and other artistic material, a work led by Kulturverket’s artists and professional cultural workers. The material created by the children has inspired us at Kulturverket to two things: nine future buildings of Umeå/pavilions, and nine exhibitions inside the pavilions.

During the inauguration of Umeå2014, Fair City – all the nine pavilions – are exposed in central Umeå, at Rådhusesplanaden. We are of course there to tell you more about the project. In February the nine pavilions will be placed around Umeå, to remain there throughout the year. In collaboration with HUMlab, we’ve also created nine digital future worlds, where almost anything can happen! Find out more about this at Fair City.

Fair City was made possible through support from Akademiska Hus, Bostaden, Helhet Reklam, Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten, Martinsons, Umeå Energi, UPAP and Umeå2014. You can visit our exhibition at Rådhusesplanaden till the 14th of February.

Fri Jan 31 - Fri Feb 14 2014 Rådhusesplanaden, southern part

Organizer: Kulturverket
Part of a project: Fair City
More information: http:/­/­
Beatrice Hammar,

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