Fre mar 28 - lör mar 29 2014
Björn Säfsten

Fictional copies

Fictional copies is a new creation for six dancers by the choreographer Björn Säfsten, using movement, cameras, choreography and poetry.

How do we copy each others gestures in order to understand one another? How do we redirect information through mimicking? Björn Säfsten explores how movements function as meaningful communication and how we relate to our self image in contrast to how we see ourself through photographies, in social media on screens and in our phones.

Fictional Copies is a meeting between the dancers and the audience where both parties are senders and recipients of movements. The boundaries between the dancers and the public are erased in a performance where every movement is copied, transformed and blended into excisting choreography.

Introductions in the bar 30 minutes before the show.

Concept Björn Säfsten and SUTODA
Choreopoetry Björn Säfsten and the dancers
Dancers Allison AhlAnja ArnquistKenneth Bruun CarlssonOskar LandströmSebastian Lingserius
Installation SUTODA
Photo Nicklas Dennermalm and Fictional copies
Production Säfsten Produktion och Nordberg Movement
Production manager Anne Koutonen/Nordberg Movement
Management Magnus Nordberg/Nordberg Movement

Fredag mar 28 2014 19:00 - 23:59 NorrlandsOperan
Lördag mar 29 2014 18:30 - 23:59 NorrlandsOperan

Arrangör: Norrlandsoperan

Besöksinformation för NorrlandsOperan

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