Onsdag maj 14 2014 19:00 - 20:10
Ne m’oublie pas

Forget Me Not

Through the eyes of chimpanzee Clarisse, a magical dreamworld unfolds, with dance, song, snow-covered landscapes and rhythmic northern lights. Philippe Gentys plays with exchanging roles between people and animals, and he lets the curious chimpanzee Clarisse watch the absurd, pathetic and foolish actions of human beings.

Forget Me Not is one of Genty’s most memorable creations. Recently re-mounted in a new French-Norwegian collaboration, its dreamworld is infused with snowy, Scandinavian mysteries and colour.

By Philippe Genty
Director Philippe Genty
Choreographer Mary Underwood
Assistant Eric the Sarria and Yngvild Aspeli
Music Rene Aubry
Light Philippe Genty, Vincent Renaudineau and Thierry Caperan
Sound Antony Aubert
Anne Magga Wigelius
Annie Dahr Nygaard
Morten spirit Berg
Lena Kvitvik
Henrik Hoff Vaagen
Benedikte Karine Sandberg
Sjur Marqvardsen
Maja Bekken
Intestine Fevik
Producer Compagnie Philippe Genty

Photographer Pascal François

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Onsdag maj 14 2014 19:00 - 20:10 Idunteatern, Umeå folkets hus

Arrangör: Umeå Teaterförening and Riksteatern
+4690 770 870

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