Fri Apr 25 - Sun Nov 30 2014
MA - interspace

From Hokusai to Manga

“We are a group of women who meet weekly for artistic challenges, ‘Always on a Sunday’. We are curious about international cooperation and both old and new art. For the last year we have focused on Japanese art history and tried charcoal, ink, printing techniques and ceramics.

In April 2014, five of us (Anita Midbjer, Ann-Mari Simonsson, Karin Lundman Rehn, Else Bengtsson and Eva Johansson) travelled in Japan with an extensive cultural program that also included contemporary art  (museums, art institutions in Kyoto and Tokyo, as well as meetings with contemporary artists).
During 2014 we will share our impressions by giving speeches of our experiences and give  exhibitions of Japan-inspired pictures, mostly wood-cuts, at Umeå Art School, at Grubbebiblioteket and at Pilgatan Bokkafé. 

Six young Japanese artist visit Umeå 10-18 October. Under the theme MA they will share their artistic expressions of the significance of the interspace between object … and human beings. Come to wee on Folkuniveristet or take part in workshops there at 17.00 to 20.00 the 15th of October.

Friday Apr 25 2014 Umeå Art School
Mon Sep 29 - Fri Oct 24 2014 Grubbe Library
Mon Oct 13 - Fri Oct 17 2014 Folkuniversitetet
Tuesday Oct 14 2014 Umedalen Sculpture Park
Tue Oct 28 - Sun Nov 30 2014 Book Cafe Pilgatan

Organizer: "Always on a Sunday"
Eva Johansson
+46 730-633499

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